[ipv6calc-announce] New version 0.46 is available now

Peter Bieringer pb at bieringer.de
Tue Oct 7 08:49:02 CEST 2003


sorry for the 2 week delay from publishing to announcing. DS6 maintainers
are very busy at the moment and mirroring of the packages are still not
done automatically.

Now to the news: version 0.46 is available now.

- IPv4 database updated (20030906)
- add support of LACNIC registry
- add output format "octal"

 Print octal representation of a given IPv6 address:
  (useful for djbdns/tinydns)
  3ffe:ffff::1 ->
  --printfulluncompressed 3ffe:ffff::1 ->

 Available format options:
  --printfulluncompressed: Print in full uncompressed format

- New program "ipv6logstats" for parsing web server logs to get some
IPv4/IPv6 distribution data and build time line charts. See examples for

- add input types: 
        "ipv4hex" (hexadecimal IPv4 address)
        "ipv4revhex" (reverse hexadecimal IPv4 address)
- add support of spaces in MAC/EUI-48 addresses

- General bugfixing

Download URLs and URLs to prepacked packages can be found on the homepage.

Hope this helps,
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