[ipv6calc-announce] New version 0.50 released

Peter Bieringer pb at bieringer.de
Thu Sep 15 20:12:13 CEST 2005


sorry, but I had no luck with 0.49, there were some stack overflow and
off-by-one bugs sleeping since longer time, but now rising up during
compiling with some protection options.

Many credits to Radek Vokál for finding bugs and pointing out the snprintf
size problems.

Therefore I released now version 0.50:

Available at:

(and via CVS - note that DS6 currently contain only older versions).

Not-minor changes:

        various c files
         - fix snprintf size parameter (credits to
            Radek Vokál for pointing this out)
         - fix bug which causes stack overflow (credits to
            Radek Vokál for finding the bug)
        several Makefiles
         - add compiler switch -O2, reason for segfault was found
         - remove also static on clean
         - add support for unique local unicast
        update databases

Happier using now...

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