[ipv6calc] New version in CVS gets a new feature: detection of MS 6to4 address

Peter Bieringer pb at bieringer.de
Mon Aug 30 23:07:48 CEST 2004


I added one new feature to showinfo and ipv6logconv: detection of
Microsoft's 6to4 address (usually 2002:<ipv4addr>::<ipv4addr>).

This will give more clarifications on the OUI type statistics:

%reqs:  reqs: host
------: -----: ----
69.82%: 25061: local-scope.ouitype.ipv6calc
 4.88%:  1751: 6to4-microsoft.ouitype.ipv6calc
 4.11%:  1476: 3com.ouitype.ipv6calc
 2.79%:  1002: intel.ouitype.ipv6calc
 1.92%:   690: cisco.ouitype.ipv6calc


Before the new feature, the 4.88% were counted to local-scope.

Also I've updated the URLs to the IPv4 databases, they were changed some
time ago.

BTW: am I sure that only Microsoft uses this special IID on 6to4?

If nobody complain, I will release 0.48 in the next week or so.

BTW2: a public available example what can be done with "ipv6logstats" (also
contained by this project) is available here:

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