[ipv6calc] 0.61.0 configure.in tweaks

Peter Bieringer pb at bieringer.de
Sat Oct 28 11:32:37 CEST 2006

Ni Niko,

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Niko Tyni schrieb:
> Hi Peter and other ipv6calc list members,
> here's a patch for 0.61.0 that adds the following 'configure' features:
>   --enable-system-geoip   Use the system GeoIP library instead of the bundled
>                           one (default: bundled)
>   --enable-default-geoip-file=file
>                           Use a default GeoIP database file when ipv6calc is
>                           invoked with '-G'
> Additionally, it tries to detect the presence of the getopt library
> and uses the system one if possible. There are also tiny fixes for
> 'ipv6calc --help'.

Thank you, I've migrated your patch into current CVS version.

Could you please check it.

BTW: looks like GeoIP does not include their API version in the header

> I haven't been able to test the getopt stuff with a real system
> that doesn't have getopt in its libc, but I think it should work.

People should test it.

> Ultimately, I would like to have something like
> --with-geoip=/path/to/geoip-build-dir
> --with-ip2location=/path/to/ip2location-build-dir
> so there wouldn't be any need to bundle them inside the ipv6calc tarball,
> as users could "easily" include them into the build. Do you think this 
> would be a good idea? I could prepare the patch if you like it...

Please contribute.

> BTW, the bundled GeoIP code doesn't currently build due to files
> missing from <...>/GeoIP-1.3.17/apps :
> make[3]: *** No rule to make target `geoiplookup.o', needed by `geoiplookup'.  Stop.

Should be fixed in current CVS.

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