[ipv6calc] version 0.70.0 released

Peter Bieringer pb at bieringer.de
Sun Apr 1 22:25:49 CEST 2007


I have finally released version 0.70.0 now.

Available at:

(and via CVS - note that DS6 FTP currently contains only older versions).

See here for the full change log:


Major changes since 0.61.0

- remove IP2Location and GeoIP files, add related configure options
instead (thanks to Niko Tyni for contribution)

                          IP2Location include files location
                          IP2Location library location
                          Explicitly link IP2Location statically
                          GeoIP include files location
  --with-geoip-lib=DIR    GeoIP library location
  --with-geoip-static     Explicitly link GeoIP statically (default=no)
                          Use a default GeoIP database file when

- add support for use of IPv6-enabled IP2Location API
  (GeoIP still only supports IPv4)

- add anoynmization action in ipv6calc
$ ipv6calc -q 2001:db8:0123:4567:89ab:cdef:0123:4567 --action anonymize
$ ipv6calc -q --action anonymize

- add tool "ipv6loganon" for anonymizing web server log files

- Getopts support: configure detects now the presence of system getopts

- several bugfixes

Note: for creating a RPM of IP2Location I provide a spec file:
Source package of IP2Location API is available here:

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