[ipv6calc] version 0.70.0 released - candidate for 0.71.0 is in CVS

Peter Bieringer pb at bieringer.de
Mon Apr 2 21:43:48 CEST 2007


At 01.04.2007 22:25, Peter Bieringer wrote:
> I have finally released version 0.70.0 now.

While updating ipv6calcweb.cgi on my systems I found that I forgot to
adjust the code here for the new options.

In addition I found some cosmetic bugs.

ipv6calcweb.cgi can now deal with IPv4 and IPv6 database. showinfo was
enhanced to display the related database information also.

In addition to minimize changes in the ipv6calcweb.cgi for production
usage I added a list of binary and database file locations into an
array, the first one which is found will be taken.

- skip displaying of IPV4_SOURCE if no data is given
- fix month of IP2Location database
- separate IP2Location information for IPv4 and IPv6 (increase output
version to 4)

- fix database options according to changes before releasing 0.70.0
- if server address is skipped, do not retrieve information at all
- use built-in list for detecting binary and database files on various

Please test.

BTW: I would be happy if one would contribute a style sheet for
ipv6calcweb.cgi and related style tags.

Thank you very much,
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