[ipv6calc] Re: problems in ipv6calc.8

Peter Bieringer pb at bieringer.de
Tue Jan 16 19:44:14 CET 2007

Hi Eric,

At 15.01.2007 23:06, esr at thyrsus.com wrote:
> This is automatically generated email about problems in a man page for which
> you appear to be responsible.  If you are not the right person or list, tell
> me and I will attempt to correct my database.
> See http://catb.org/~esr/doclifter/problems.html for details on how and
> why these patches were generated.  Feel free to email me with any questions.
> Note: These patches do not change the mod date of any manual page.  You
> may wish to do that by hand.
> Problems with ipv6calc.8:
> 1. Use local definitions of .EX/.EE or .DS/.DE to avoid low-level troff
> requests in the page body.  There are plans to add these to groff man;
> in the interim, this patch adds a compatible definition to your page.
> 2. You wrote .br where you meant .sp -- as written, the markup will
> fail to produce a blank line where one was clearly intended.
> 3. List syntax error. This means .IP, .TP or .RS/.RE markup is garbled.
> This confuses doclifter, and may also mess up stricter troff
> interpreters like Xman and Rosetta.

Thank you for the patch, applied to CVS version for now.

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