[ipv6calc] compiling error

Peter Bieringer pb at bieringer.de
Sat Oct 8 19:19:41 CEST 2011


At 08.10.2011 18:42, Jimmy Andelhofs wrote:
>> But is it possible that when compiling it uses the new GeoIP 1.4.8.
>> But when using it, it finds a rogue file, that remained from the
>> previous install. Maybe I should update the php-geoip module.
> libGeoIP.so.1 was still linking to the old 1.4.4, when I updated to the
> ned libGeoIP.so.1.4.8 it worked.

nevertheless I've added at least to configure (currently in latest CVS):

                          Use IPv6 interface of GeoIP in compatibility mode
                          (supporting 1.4.5)

To avoid similar issues, but would not help in your case.

@Ohters on the maillist:

If one has a hint how to detect on runtime whether a function is not
available in dynamically linked library and how can this be tested
during runtime this would be nice.


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