[ipv6calc] ipv6calc 0.96.0 on the way - please run some final tests

Peter Bieringer pb at bieringer.de
Tue Feb 11 08:14:54 CET 2014


ipv6calc reached now "feature complete" for 0.96.0, would be great if I
get some feedback until Thursday, so I can release the version on Friday.

Major improvements:

use of md5 bundled code will be only used if not available on the system
(external md5 is currently only supported via openssl library).

Old behavior can be triggered using:
--enable-bundled-md5 (and for getopt: --enable-bundled-getopt)

ipv6calcweb.cgi was extended for supporting the new outputformat
"textkeyvalue", which can be parsed easier in scripts, example:

ipv6calc binaries can be build using shared libraries internally to save
space on disk with configure option: --enable-shared
   ipv6calc (approx. 170 kB)
   ipv6loganon (approx. 50 kB)
   ipv6logstats (approx. 60 kB)
   ipv6logconv (approx. 50 kB)
   libipv6calc.so.0.96.0 (approx. 450 kB)
   libipv6calc_db_wrapper.so.0.96.0 (approx. 1.8 MB)
    (containing the BuiltIn databases)
instead of
   ipv6calc (non-shared, 1.9 MB)
   ipv6loganon (approx. 1.9 MB)
   ipv6logstats (approx. 1.9 MB)
   ipv6logconv (approx. 1.9 MB)

Thank you in advance for any feedback,

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