[ipv6calc] ipv6calc: use shared libipv6calc.so and databases

Peter Bieringer pb at bieringer.de
Fri Jan 31 07:39:47 CET 2014

Hi Nikoli,

Am 31.01.2014 06:59, schrieb Nikoli:
> Hello, thanks for ipv6calc, have suggestion about build system: use shared 
> libipv6calc.so and databases instead of duplicating them in every bin.
> $ equery s ipv6calc
>  * net-misc/ipv6calc-0.95.0
>          Total files : 20
>          Total size  : 11.38 MiB
> Size is huge, because every bin has internal copy of databases/ lib/ md5/
> $ du -sh /usr/bin/ipv6*
> 2,9M    /usr/bin/ipv6calc
> 2,8M    /usr/bin/ipv6loganon
> 2,8M    /usr/bin/ipv6logconv
> 2,8M    /usr/bin/ipv6logstats
> Please avoid duplication and move shared databases and shared code to 
> '/usr/lib64/libipv6calc.so'.

Your right, I have this already in mind since longer, also having extra
database binary files (easy to update them extra afterwards)...and have
plans since longer to create a shared library by default and also
replace the md5 code inside by external one (if available)...let see
when I can find time to improve the project.

BTW: if you are able to contribute, you're very welcome!


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