[ipv6calc] ipv6calc and Berkeley DB

Peter Bieringer pb at bieringer.de
Mon Jul 25 21:30:28 CEST 2016

Hi Petr,

Am 25.07.2016 um 08:45 schrieb Petr Kubat:
>> => what are the plans here for future Fedora and EL versions (e.g. EL 8)?
> The current plan is to remove Berkeley DB dependencies by the time EL8
> hits. We might be keeping the Berkeley DB packages in EL8 for the sake
> of compatibility and for data migration tools however.

If I read your status regarding LMDB, TokyoCabinet, KyotoCabinet, I
believe EL8 can't drop Berkeley DB completly, because there is no
alternative database is currently in EL6 or EL6 vanilla available.

And once EL8 would be released, EL6 is still under support, means
software which should run on vanilla EL6+7+8 in compatible way has to
use BerkeleyDB.

Only chance would be to put LMDB in a later minor release to vanilla
EL6+EL7 before EL8 will be released - are there plans for that?

And TokyoCabinet already reached somehow it's EOSL by the
maintainer...so also not a good candidate for the future.

Opinions about use of SQLite instead of BerkeleyDB?


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