[ipv6calc] Release 4.0.0 - Features + Minor Bugfixes (20th anniversity release)

Peter Bieringer pb at bieringer.de
Wed Oct 20 08:41:56 CEST 2021

Hi all,

** 20th anniversity release **
** Changelog: 20011007/PB: Push source into local CVS system **

version 4.0.0 was released, already available as preview on

- Fedora Rawhide (36)
- Fedora 35, 34, 33
- EPEL 7, 8

Major Features:

     add new action "dbdump" to be able to dump "external" database 
using country code filter (for use by "ipset")
     new output format ip6to4 for IPv4 addresses (also supported on 
action "dbdump")

Minor Features:

     tools/ipv6calc-create-update-ipset.sh: new tool for creating 
"ipset" using the new "dbdump" action
     add support for output of IPv4 in dot separated octal and also 
autodetect/parse such input
     tools/DBIP-update.sh: add support for deleting older files (-C )


     print of uncompressed IPv6 address will now also be extended with 
prefix length if given and not suppressed by option
     action conv6to4 keeps (and mask) prefix length if not suppressed by 


     ipv6calcweb: improve output format for mobile chrome-based browsers
     ipv6calcweb: fix several URLs, prefer HTTPS where supported
     add support for OpenSSL EVP MD5 (version 3) and legacy (version 1)
     some fixes related to static builds


     internal databases: update


     complete reorg of static includes in *.h to avoid private copies 
where possible

Visit the release page to download source

RPMs in testing, can be already downloaded from

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